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To post equipment or inquiries, send an email to: Include details, such as type of equipment/inquiry, cost and contact information. Postings will be listed for 30 days, or until notified that they are sold.


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English Style Covers for Sale

Contact Barry B 

Sugar for Bees

Contact Jim Barlean

I currently have two working hives in my backyard on screened bottom boards, two 10-frame deeps, and telescoping tops (plus honey supers that I might remove before sale). These are the priority to sell at the moment as our immediate family has health issues and I literally do not have the time to trend to the girls anymore. I am highly motivated to move on from my active hives and additional equipment. 

Michael Welch

North Portland, St Johns area


MichaelWelch Equip.pages

Equipment Sale 

A local commercial beekeeper has retired and has a barn full of equipment to sell. Click on the PDF to see what's available and all the details. CASH only, drive slowly on the lane to his home.

Equipment Sale.pdf

Hosting bees in an Estacada backyard:

"We have a home with a greenspace in our backyard in Estacada.  We have chickens, several small vegetable garden plots and a larger flower garden in our front yard.  We are interested in hosting a bee hive or two."  

Contact Traci here

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