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All listings are from private individuals. PMBA is offering these listings as a courtesy to its members and does not inspect or guarantee equipment represented. Contact the individual for information. All sales arrangements are between the seller and purchaser.

To post equipment or inquiries, send an email to: Include details, such as type of equipment/inquiry, cost and contact information. Postings will be listed for 30 days, or until notified that they are sold.


Looking For......

Cardboard nuc boxes and framed bottom boards available (free). Contact Troy


Hive carrier for sale-$50.

Takes 2 people to use, Slide carrier over the hive and live up with the hand holds. Much easier on the back.
If interested I can bring it to a meeting or you can pick up in Gresham. Contact E



Oregon Donkey Rescue (Oregon City) has 40 acres, and would be happy to host some hives on their property. There is some woodenware, drawn comb, etc. still there from the past beekeeper and they may help with purchasing equipment.Contact club member Kris Nelson for more information.  


Hosting bees in an Estacada backyard:

"We have a home with a greenspace in our backyard in Estacada.  We have chickens, several small vegetable garden plots and a larger flower garden in our front yard.  We are interested in hosting a bee hive or two."  

Contact Traci here

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