Our Biz is Bees

Local business and PMBA member John Rockrohr offers workshops and classes.  In early February John teaches the club sponsored bee school- "Beekeeping For The 1st Year And Beyond"  He also teaches as part of his business multiple classes during the year including: Swarm Prevention, What to do with your new Nuc, How to get bees through winter, Wax rendering and candle making and Oxalic acid dribble and candy board making. Click here for more information.

The Honey Bee Health Coalition-Varroa Management

Great site for learning about Varroa management

Oregon State Master Beekeeper Program

If your are a new beekeeper and are interested in learning about bees and  beekeeping this is a fantastic program

OSU Residential Best Practices Guidelines

Best-practice guidelines for nuisance-free beekeeping in Oregon

Honey Bee Suite- Rusty Burlew

A place for bees. Native  Wild  Managed

Bee Informed Partnership Program

A non-profit national organization of research labs and universities working to understand how to manage healthier bees

The Xerces Society

An international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats 

Scientific Beekeeping- Randy Oliver, CA

Very prominent citizen scientist.

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