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Raffle Items - Wow, so Many!

Thank you to those who have donated to our Raffle! Some of the raffle items are: Flow Hive, Leatherman tools, Specialty Bee Veil, Pollinator Seeds and certificates for Pollinator plants, beekeeping books, two beautiful handmade Quilts and a hand painted 8 frame hive. Our donors include Leatherman, Dr. Dewey Caron, Mandy Shaw, Boring Bark, Casa Terra, Concentrates NW, Our Biz is Bees and more!

 PMBA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and this is our only public fundraiser of the year. If you can contribute, contact today! Your support helps PMBA:

  • Teaching the art and science of beekeeping to local beekeepers
  • Teaching the general public about bees at fairs and other community events
  • Booths at the Pollinator Fair and the OSU Master Gardener Fair
  • Support of the OSU Master Beekeeper program
  • Support of OSU Honeybee lab

Bee Day FAQs
What is Bee Day?

The Portland Metro Beekeeping Bee Day is an opportunity for new beekeepers, or those who are thinking about beekeeping, to explore beekeeping hands-on and learn from experienced beekeepers. Attendees get to look inside real, live colonies and see how bees are handled, ask questions of honeybee experts, and form relationships that will help along the beekeeping journey. It is also the biggest fundraiser for PMBA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that exists to support research and help educate local beekeepers.

Who can come? Do I need to already have a beehive?

Anyone interested in bees or beekeeping is invited, even if they aren’t currently keeping bees.

What will be I be doing at Bee Day?

There are speakers, hive inspections in the bee yard, “ask a beekeeper,” lunch, snacks, vendors, and a raffle.

What should I wear?

Long pants and a long sleeved shirt/jacket with a hood or hat. Also wear closed toed shoes and bring gardening or other sturdy gloves. We will have a limited amount of bee suits and veils to lend. Please do not wear any products with fragrance, as this will attract bees to you.

Will I get stung?

Normally honey bees won’t sting unless provoked. However, since the Bee Day takes place in a large bee yard and there will be colonies of bees present, there is a possibility of stings. Therefore it is important to dress appropriately.

What about the weather?

It is a good idea to check the forecast and dress appropriately - we will be outside much of the day.

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